Center for Sales Innovation

Academic Programs

St. Kate's is the only college or university in Minnesota to offer four-year degrees in sales.
The Center for Sales Innovation works hand-in-hand with academic programs at St. Catherine University to enhance students' experience. The center's close relationships with national corporations means that students have exceptional access to internships and job placement after graduation.

Business-to-Business Sales

Business-to-business sales is an intellectually and interpersonally rewarding field, requiring business skills and the art of personal connection. St. Kate's offers a four-year bachelor's degree as well as a certificate in this field.

Healthcare Sales

St. Kate's is proud to be the leader in educating women for healthcare sales careers. With long-standing relationships to major medical corporations, the healthcare sales major or certificate is sure to position students for success.

Sales Minor

For students wishing to augment their studies with sales skills, St. Kate's offers the sales minor. Students will gain a basic understanding of business and sales principles which they can apply in any field.

Student Profiles

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