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Women's Sales Leaders Program

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Fostering cross-fertilization of ideas and a strategic mindset

The only leadership program in the country designed exclusively for women sales professionals.
According to a recent study, the number one operational improvement to help sales leaders reach their sales target is upgrading the quality of front line sales leaders. Once identified, how do companies develop top talent?

Companies across the country look to the Center for Sales Innovation’s Women’s Sales Leaders cohort program to support mid-level female managers who are committed to their work and challenged to take the next step.

The program’s goal: To improve a company's financial performance by increasing the representation of highly qualified women leaders in top management. It builds top-line leaders and boost retention.

Why do companies invest in an outside development program to advance their top talent? It fosters cross-fertilization of ideas among women in different industries to offer new ideas and problem-solving solutions., It also, expands risk taking, increased confidence and clarifies sales ethics. The Center for Sales Innovation’s cohort program has proven it does all this — plus focuses on strategic mindset, change management, finance skills, and coaching for results.