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CATIE Center

About the CATIE Center

St. Catherine University has received grant funds from the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration to advance interpreter education in the midwest since 1999.

St. Catherine University established the CATIE Center in 2005. The CATIE Center is one of the six centers working in partnership as the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC).

The CATIE Center at St. Catherine University focuses on:

1. Intensive training for novice (N) and experienced (E) interpreters and Deaf mentors

Deaf Mentor Training (E/N)
Certification (N)
At-risk (LFD) (E)
ASL Immersion (N) - St. Paul, MN
Specialized (E)

2. Healthcare Interpreting (Medical and Mental Health)

3. Deaf Self-Advocacy Training
Training master trainers
Training consumers
Training interpreters on supporting Deaf self-advocacy

4. Deaf-blind Initiative: Consumers, Interpreters and IEPs
Self-advocacy curriculum modifications and training
Expanded opportunities for interpreters to practice working with consumers who are DeafBlind
Tips for interpreter education programs on infusing DeafBlind resources into their curriculum

5. Training on video remote interpreting in vocational rehabilitation settings

6. Serving as a Comprehensive Regional Resource Center on Effective Practices
Collaboration and support of partner initiatives
This website and the website
Disseminate resources such as CD/DVDs for interpreter skill development, bibliographies on mental health and medical interpreting, Deaf Self-Advocacy Training Curriculum and more.
Provide CEU coordination, sponsor independent studies and RID test administration.