The next National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting is being planned for June 3-6, 2015. We hope to see you there!

About this program

The National Symposium on Healthcare Interpreting was developed to advance the quality of sign language interpreters who work in healthcare settings, thereby improving the access that deaf and deaf-blind people have to communication regarding their health. The symposium aims to improve understanding of the complex role of interpreters, including the linguistic, cultural, social and ethical challenges inherent in these settings. In addition, the symposium will increase interpreters’ awareness of the barriers faced by individuals who are deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing when accessing health care and provide strategies for addressing those barriers.

The target audience for this program is experienced interpreters working in healthcare settings.

History of healthcare interpreting at St. Kate's

In 1983, St. Catherine University started the nation’s first and only interpreter education program with a focus on preparing American Sign Language/English interpreters to work in health care related industries. From 2000-2005 (with federal, state and private grants) St. Kate’s developed a series of educational resources for interpreters on CD and DVD, many of which focused on medical interpreting. In 2003, under a Minnesota state grant, St. Kate’s launched (now to function as a portal of entry for interpreters searching for medical resources.

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