Megan Prosen

Graduated  in 2008

Majors: Spanish, Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity, Education

Megan Prosen"I started working with Community Work and Learning my very first year at St. Kate’s as an America Reads tutor and van driver. The enriching experience of being a part of such meaningful work in the local community inspired me to find ways to further involve myself in CWL by becoming an America Reads Coordinator and working with professors to implement Community Work and Learning components in the Spanish Department.

After graduation I moved to Osceola, Wisconsin where I teach kindergarten through second grade Spanish and coach the high school Forensics team. This position presented me with the exciting personal and professional challenge of designing and developing the curriculum for the school district’s first Elementary Spanish program.

My work with CWL played a very significant role in shaping my experiences at St. Kate’s and beyond. Working with America Reads and service learning in the Spanish Department gave me a unique experience to truly challenge and develop myself as a leader. Because of the amount of responsibility I was given in such a supportive atmosphere, I felt like I could accomplish almost anything and that freedom is what drove me to take ownership over my work and realize that I can make a difference. I left St. Kate’s with confidence, passion, and determination that have stuck with me in my career and my life.

My most memorable moment was when I was able to sit down and talk with the students at the end of their semester in one of the Spanish Department’s first service-learning courses. It was a really powerful experience to see my efforts come to fruition in the meaningful service that the students had given to the local Spanish-speaking community."