Meetings and Events

Wedding Reception Guidelines

General information

Wedding receptions are considered external events regardless of connections and/or relationships between the client and St. Kate’s. All policies pertaining to external clients and events apply.

If the wedding ceremony will take place at Our Lady of Victory Chapel, the client will receive a discount on the price of the Rauenhorst Hall in Coeur de Catherine.

Reservation time blocks

Reservation time frame is six hours from beginning of reception to end of reservation. Everyone must be out of the building no later than midnight. The latest available evening reservation is from 6 p.m.<–>12 a.m.. Earlier reservations are possible, but may not exceed the 6-hour time frame. Wedding reception reservations include three hours for setup prior to the reception reservation (i.e. if the reception reservation is from 6 p.m.<–>12 a.m., setup time is from 3 p.m.<–>6 p.m.). All decorating and deliveries must occur within this three-hour setup time. If available, additional set-up can be reserved at the rate of $350/hour. All decorations must be removed by the end of the reservation. All remaining materials will be discarded. Client will incur charges for cleanup of excessive mess and/or any damages.

If music entertainment (DJ or otherwise) has been contracted, the last song must be started no later than 11:30 p.m.. All lights will be turned on at 11:35 p.m. and guests will be appropriately encouraged by St. Kate’s staff and/or St. Paul Police Officer (see below) to exit the building if they do not do so on their own.


St. Kate’s requires that a St. Paul Police Officer be present at all wedding receptions. The cost for this arrangement will be billed to the client by St. Kate’s. St. Kate’s will be responsible for issuing payment to the officer. Arrangements with the police officer will be made by MES; officers may not be hired directly by the client, family, or friends.


Alcohol is permitted in private, reserved areas only with advance notice to MES. Alcohol is not allowed in Atriums 2 and 3, second and third floor lounges, or any other public areas. Alcohol service must be provided by the St. Kate’s approved beverage service vendor.


Please contact Dining Services for policy information and menu consultation.