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Meet the Council of Advisors

Stephany Good view bio»
Stephany has worked as a law enforcement supervisor, manager and administrator for state, local and county law enforcement.
Mary Beth Lamb view bio»
Mary Beth has helped business people all over the world develop cultural competency.
Deb Magnuson view bio»
Deb is a senior consultant in leadership development services at Personnel Decisions International (PDI).
Karla Montgomery view bio» Karla is an expert in human resource development and organizational development.
Mia Mulrennan view bio»
Mia is a sought-after speaker and trainer who has presented to leaders in industry, business and psychology.
Deb Pierce view bio»
Deborah is a 27-year veteran of the FBI with experience in multiple aspects of criminal and terrorism investigation and management.
Verna Price view bio»
Verna is the founder, president and principal consultant of J. Cameron & Associates.
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