Student Accounts

Tuition and Fee Rates 2013-2014

Tuition rates are per-credit unless otherwise noted

Tuition                           2013-2014  Rates   
Baccalaureate Day      
($34,464 for 32 credits full-time)
Baccalaureate Evening/Weekend/Online & RN-BS Degree Completion
($12,336 for 24 credits full-time)
Baccalaureate College of Applied & Continuing Learning
($12,336 for 24 credits full-time)
Associate College of Applied & Continuing Learning                 
($15,120 for 24 credits full-time)
Phlebotomy (Mpls Student)$315
Bacc Evening/Weekend/Online - Non credit Montessori$249.50
Master of Business Administration$798
Master of Arts, Education $610
Master of Arts, Education: C & I (distance)$454
Master of Arts, Education: AM2 $610
Master of Arts, Education: Montessori Diploma$561
Master of Arts, Holistic Health Studies$661
Master of Library & Information Science$820
Master of Science, Nursing: Entry Level$685
Master of Science, Nursing: Educator$546
Master of Science, Nursing: Nurse Practitioner$876
Doctor of Nurse Practice$876
Master of Arts, Organizational Leadership$798
Master of Arts, Occupational Therapy$870
Doctor of Occupational Therapy$870
Doctor of Physical Therapy                      $680
Master of Physician Assistant Studies$672
Master of Social Work$726
Master of Arts, Theology$610
Montessori Certificate Credit - AM2 Student Only$35
Montessori Certificate Credit - All programs excluding AM2, 50% of course tuition 
Proficiency Exam - All programs, 25% of course tuition 
Audit registration - All programs, 25% of course tuition 
Summer audit registration - No discount for undergraduate courses, for additional information see (Summer 2012 Tuition and Fee rates) 
Student Activity Fees (per semester)                          
Baccalaureate Day  $140
Baccalaureate Evening/Weekend/Online & RN-BS Degree Completion$52 
Baccalaureate College of Applied and Continuing Learning$52
Associate College of Applied and Continuing Learning$30
Graduate $30 
New Student Fees (assessed one-time)   
Day - First time Full time and International$100
Bacc Evening/Weekend/Online & RN-BS Degree Completion$15 
Graduate $15 
Associate & Certificate$15 
New Transfer & Second Major$15
Nursing Clinical and Assessment Fees 
Associate & Associate Mobility
Nursing Clinical & Assessment Fee - Assoc (per sub-session)$275
Nursing Clinical & Assessment Fee - Assoc (per full-term course)$550
Baccalaureate & Post Baccalaureate
Nursing Clinical & Assessment Fee - Bacc (per course)$550
Nursing Clinical & Assessment Fee - Post Bacc (per course)$550
Nursing Association Fee (Course NURS3250 only)$70
Music Lesson Fees 
30 Minute Lesson$390
50 Minute Lesson$750
Study Abroad Fees 
Semester Program$250
Year-Long Program$350
Short-Term Program (Includes January & Summer)$150
Graduation Fee (Assessed one time)
Graduation Processing Fee$120
Other Fees 
Art Fees per course$40
Career Development Assessment (Course INDI2000 only) $25
Clinical Radiography 1 Course Fee$75
Graduation Fee (one-time charge)$120
Montessori Accreditation TBD
Theology Practicum (On-site or Off-site)$100
Zero Credit Internship $100 
Health Insurance   (Associate, Baccalaureate Day, Certificate students & RN-BS Degree Completion students) must waive to opt out  (see Kateway/Health Insurance)TBD
Health Insurance (Baccalaureate Evening/Weekend/Online & Graduate programs) insurance available for purchase  (see Kateway/Health Insurance)N/A
This document is subject to change and is accurate as of the date of publication.