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List of Chartered Clubs and Organizations


Active Minds

Active Minds works to de-stigmatize mental health disorders by promoting open, enlightened discussion of mental health, and to create a better life for all who suffer. This organization fights the stigma around mental health disorders, and educates, enlightens, and empowers all young adults to ensure their own mental health.

Advocating for Animals

Advocating for Animals works for the benefit of animals by promoting the respectful well being of animals so they can live a life away from maltreatment. No one is discriminated against regardless of what they choose to eat.

African Student Association (ASA)

ASA provides current students with a forum for ideas and common interests. The main goal is to allow students to organize social and cultural events that pertain to African culture.

American Sign Language Social Club

The ASL SOcial Club provides an environment that challenges participants to become successful and comfortable with interactions using ASL.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International’s mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights. Amnesty International is independent of any government, political ideology or religious creed. It does not support or oppose any government or political system, nor does it support or oppose the views of the victims whose rights it seeks to protect. It is concerned solely with the impartial protection of human rights. Amnesty International can be reached at


Ariston, a Greek word meaning the best of the best, is the annual student art and literary publication of the University. The Literary Staff selects poems and short stories and the Visual Arts Staff selects artwork to showcase the talent of St. Kate's students. This professional-quality magazine is also produced by the Visual Arts Staff using computer software. The 2004 issue weighed in at 96 pages of great stuff. For more information about Ariston, contact Patricia Olson, Visual Arts advisor at; or Robert Grunst, Literary advisor.

Artist’s Coalition

The Artist’s Coalition promotes and encourages student involvement in the arts on campus. It provides a space where students from all disciplines of the arts can gather to collaborate on projects, talk about work, plan arts related activities, and discuss issues pertinent to the art world. Past activities include attending films, lectures, museums, and galleries. Fundraising events such as poster sales and attendance at national art conventions occur each year.

Asian Women’s Association (AWA)

The St. Catherine University Asian Women’s Association represents the interests of Asian students on campus, educates and promotes awareness of Asian cultures, issues, and perspectives to the University community, and builds a supportive network for Asian students. AWA holds fundraisers, attends performances and lectures, hosts a dance on campus each year, participates in ICE Open Mic Night, and volunteers. AWA can be reached at

Biology Club

Open to all students, the Biology Club is a group of students interested in biology and activities related to biology. Events include movie and pizza nights and career discussions. For more information contact the Biology Club at

Black Student Association

The Black Student Association unites all black students on campus and provides an environment to discuss issues affecting black students at the University and the entire community at large. The Black Students Association works with each other and the University to develop and maintain unity and mutual helpfulness.

Catholic Club

The Catholic Club provides a forum for students to explore, strengthen and celebrate their Catholic identities and/or spirituality by offering appropriate programming and opportunities to connect with other Catholics and those interested in Catholicism.

Chemistry Club[

The Chemistry Club stimulates interest in chemistry as a profession for St. Kate's students, provides opportunities to speak with professionals in science, and offers community outreach to public schools. The club holds an end of the year dinner with the Chemistry Department, provides speakers and discussions on the profession, hosts potluck dinners, and sponsors an Adopt-A-Family.

Circum Porcum

Circum Porcum is a group that provides members the opportunity to explore and celebrate Latin.

Clay Club

The Clay Club serves to educate the campus about clay as an art form, provide a network for people interested in ceramics, offers access to off-campus field trips to clay exhibits and artist’s lectures, and brings visiting ceramic artists to campus for workshops in the studio.

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a collaboration of students dedicated to fighting cancer, volunteering for the American Cancer Society, and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society. The club participates in Relay for Life

Education Club

The club provides members with leadership opportunities, sharing and reflection of experiences related to education, and a chance to discuss educational trends and problems in light of educational theory and practice. The Education Club has social outings, provides members with volunteer opportunities, and has provided mentors to club members.

English Club

This organization brings together students who wish to extend their interest in English beyong the classroom or may be interested in pursuing a career in English or written communications. The English Club sponsors the annual Voldermort Defeat Day every spring!

Exercise & Sport Science Club

The Exercise & Sport Science Club provides opportunities and experience to students interested in Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS) through speakers and extracurricular activities. The club helps to facilitate communication and interaction between faculty and students and provides members with volunteer opportunities.

Family, Consumer, & Nutritional Sciences Club (FCNS)

The FCNS Club provides members with opportunities to develop the qualities of leadership and cooperation through work with the FCNS department. The club offers members the opportunity to get hands-on experience with industry events and employers, and hosts social events for the membership. Each year, the club hosts a fashion show to showcase the club and the members of the FCNS Club.

Fiber Arts Club

The Fiber Arts club provides an opportunity for fiber artists of all experience levels to share ideas, projects, tips, and fun relating to all fiber art creation. Any knitters, crocheters, sewers, or other fiber crafters are welcome to join our community of fiber artists!

French Club

The French Club promotes an interest in speaking French, provides members the opportunity to practice sociability through means of the French language, and offers opportunities to participate in organized excursions and activities relating to the French language and French culture. The club has sponsored speakers, hosted French karaoke, held Lyonese dance lessons, and organized French food events.

History Club

The purpose of this History Club is to provide an organization in which students at the University may gather to act upon, study and discuss their common interest in history.

Honors Program Student Organization (HPSO)

HPSO offers students in the honors program the opportunity to attend honors seminars, work independently on major projects, and get to know other students with similar interests and abilities. Past events include theatre trips to the Guthrie, fall retreats, end of semester celebrations, and fundraisers.

Justice and Peach for Palestine Awareness

The pupose of this organization is education awareness of what is happening in Palestine. This organization educates and includes both sides of the issue.

23+ Katies

23+ Katies offers support, advocacy, and fellowship to students who have postponed entering college or are returning to college in the day program. She may be seeking a first or subsequent degree, or attending college for the purpose of self-enrichment. A 23+ Katies student is approximately (but not exclusively) 23 years of age or older. 23+ Katies serves as a gateway for students to campus services, activities, organizations, and opportunities. 23+ Katies students get together for monthly lunches, off-campus outings, and sponsor on-campus events. If you are interested in having a leadership position in 23+ Katies or would like more information about 23+ Katies and its activities, contact or call 651.690.8605.

Katie Buddies

Katie Buddies pairs people with intellectual disabilities in one-to-one friendships with SCU students. Katie Buddies has hosted hayrides, trips to Chuck-E-Cheese, fundraisers, parties and attended plays with their buddy.

Katies Entrepreneur Organization

KEO helps women change the world by envisioning, planning and building successful business ventures. KEO is a resource for and about women-owned business. The organization also provides opportunities for students to explore entrepreneurship as a career option and provides members with leadership opportunities in the business world.

Katie's Hip Hop Club

The Katie's Hip Hop Club engages students and brings awareness, appreciation and practice of verbal and non-verbal forms of hip hop culture.

Lambda Sigma Tau

Lambda Sigma Tau is a social/service sorority dedicated to serving the University community, developing in the bonds of sisterhood, and enhancing leadership skills. Past Lambda Sigma Tau activities include community clean-ups, canned food drives, volunteering at local hospitals, participating in clothing drives and other charity events. Lambda Sigma Tau also provides members the chance to get together socially, holding TV nights, ice cream parties, dinners, potlucks, BBQs, lunches, retreats, and dances.

Latina Student Association (LSA)

LSA provides a system of support for Latina students, brings greater awareness of issues concerning Latina students, and offers service to the broader Latina/o community of the Twin Cities.


The LEAD Team is a collaborative team of students who work together to create leadership awareness and provide leadership training for other students on campus. There is no hierarchy and each member has equal power and responsibility. The LEAD Team provides leadership training through various on-campus projects and funshops. Any organization or entity on campus can contact the LEAD Team to have a workshop done for that group. All workshops are free and anyone on campus is welcome to use our services. The LEAD Team recognizes a student each month as an everyday leader, provides activities to de-stress during finals week, and contributes to new student orientation. For more information on how to get involved in the LEAD Team contact them at

Medical Interest Group (MIG)

MIG offers an opportunity to unite St. Kate's students who are entering healthcare professions. They explore the foundation and current issues in healthcare to expand members’ knowledge of the American medical system. MIG also provides members a support system in striving for academic excellence. MIG has held panelist discussions from various admissions board members from area professional programs, organized a seminar on career development, and provided job-shadowing opportunities. For more information, contact

Military Affiliation Club

To provide current St. Kate's students with a military affiliation support and encouragement.

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG)

MPIRG is a statewide, student-directed nonpartisan advocacy group that has been working on social justice, environmental, women’s rights, and consumer protection issues. Past MPIRG events include showing the film “Skin Deep,” involvement in the Clothesline project, hosting speakers and discussion events, and sponsoring the Homelessness Awareness Sleep-out on the quad, to name just a few. For more information contact

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

MSA provides a community of support, services, activities, and interaction to all Muslim students attending St. Kate's. MSA is involved in Ramadan Awareness Day in which they host a dinner, hold a fast-a-thon, sponsor a speaker, and coordinate a food drive.

Occupational Science/ Occupational Therapy Club (OSOT)

OSOT provides informational, educational, social, representational, and fundraising opportunities for current and prospective OSOT students. OSOT has coordinated fundraisers such as bake sales and carwashes. In addition, they have also hosted guest-speakers, planned a Secret Santa holiday party, and sponsored an Adopt-A-Family.

Out of State Club

The purpose of this club is to network and build a community for out of state students attending St. Kate's. This club plans activities that explore the Twin Cities and will promote bonding and support so that out of state students can still feel at home at St. Kate's.

People Respecting Identity Differences and Equality

People Respecting Identity Differences and Equality diminishes fears and dispels myths associated with homosexuality as a form of sexual orientation or identity by promoting knowledge, familiarity and understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.

Physical Therapy Club (PT Club)

This organization works to inform the St. Kate's community about the field of physical therapy. The organization informs its members of the various disciplines in the field and the education/ experience required for admission into a physical therapy program via discussion and guest speakers.

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club strives to facilitate a discussion surrounding current political topics. They promote awareness of political issues by sponsoring of co-sponsoring and attending events to broaden our personal political perspectives.

Pre-Law Club

This club provides an outlet for students intersted in exploring the legal field, applying to law school, opportunities to learn from current attorneys and current laws/ justice issues. This organization also supports the Mock Trial Team.

Public Health Club

The Public Health Club is for Public Health majors and others who are interested in public health issues. It provides opportunities for students to grow to be activities in the public health field. Students work to increase awareness and education of issues on campus.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA acts as a voice for resident students and focuses on programming within the residence halls. RHA participates in planning the Dew Drop Bop, helps sponsor Late Night Breakfast, hosts movies, and coordinates the yearly Murder Mystery Dinner. Service projects include “Citizen Katie,” food drives, and other charity events.

Respiratory Care Club

The Respiratory Care Club strives to provide a supportive network of those associated with the Respiratory Care program. Not only will we further our education outside of the classroom, but we develop a dynamic set of professional and leadership skills through being actively involved in the community.

SHE Pab: Voices of Hmong Women

The mission of this club is to promote Hmong culture, language, arts and history. The purpose of this organization is to enhance cultureal awareness through community service, events and collaborations.

Social Dance Club

The Social Dance Club promotes swing dancing as a physical and social outlet for St. Kate’s students by facilitating access to dance lessons, primarily swing, and varied swing dance events in the Twin Cities and on campus. Any questions email us or find us on facebook.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club provides members with a network of professional, academic, and social support with the profession and the University community. Members participate in service projects as well as monthly meetings. The Social Work Club has been involved in the Cookies for Coats project in which the club collects coats for a homeless shelter and in return, the donators receive a cookie.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club provides opportunities to facilitate growth of Spanish speaking abilities, expand knowledge of Spanish speaking countries and cultures, and get involved in Latin communities through activities and volunteering. Past activities include weekly Spanish conversation meetings, hosting Spanish movies, and holding dinners.

St. Catherine International Student Organization (SCISO)

SCISO is a coalition group for international students at St. Kate's. It encourages respect and understanding for cross-cultural and international backgrounds. SCISO also encourages support from American students who are interested in learning more about other cultures. SCISO promotes unity with diversity and makes room for development and positive growth. SCISO activities include Dandia, International Potluck, African Night, and International Education week. SCISO also does many wonderful fundraisers.

St. Catherine University 80's Speed Walking Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a place for women to get involved with exercise, photography, nature and be a part of an enthusiastic group of women. This

St. Kate’s Activities Team (SKAT)

SKAT exists to encourage leadership by creating a vibrant community that embraces our uniqueness. SKAT is committed to supporting the holistic development of each person by working collaboratively with others and encouraging meaningful involvement in our St. Kate's community. SKAT sponsors novelty events such as wax hands and make your own stickers. Each month, SKAT hosts a free movie for students on campus and during the fall semester SKAT sponsors an outdoor movie on the quad. In addition, SKAT also sponsors musical events and speakers. At the end of each year, SKAT hosts the Dew Drop Bop. This showcase of musical acts, fun novelty events, and food celebrates the end of the academic year. Not only does SKAT provide on-campus opportunities, but they also sponsor Twin Cities events such as the Mall of America scavenger hunt and tickets to events such as the Tunnel of Terror in October. Leadership positions within SKAT include an Administrative Chairperson, Public Relations Chairperson, Films Coordinator, Twin Cities Connections Coordinator, Daytime Events Coordinator, Publicity Coordinator, Nightlife Coordinator, and Weekend Events Coordinator. For more information about SKAT or learn how to get involved, email or call 651.690.6041

Student Nursing Association

The Student Nursing Association aids in the development of nursing in relation to their dynamic professional role. The club stimulates campus and community awareness of nursing students as further members of the health care team. In addition, the Student Nursing Association influences health care nursing education and practice through legislative activities. The Student Nursing Association has organized and run a blood drive and hosts social events for nursing students.

Students for Bangladesh and Indian Sub-continental Awareness

The purpose of this organization is to educate students of the culture and history of Bangladesh and other countries part of the Indian Sub-continent.

Students Who Are Parents (SWAP)

SWAP provides a resource point and informal support for parents who are students. Members of the group learn about both University and community resources that can address their specific needs. SWAP meets regularly on Tuesdays over the noon hour to encourage social interaction and share resources. Each year SWAP is involved in the campus Trick-or-Treat event with RHA and hosts Family Night with SKAT.

The Senate

The Senate is the student governing body at St. Kate’s. The main goal of The Senate is to provide a voice for all students. Students are welcome to attend Senate meetings to listen and find out what is going on in the student government. The Senate is divided into roughly two parts, a Legislative and an Executive Board. Those members of the Board who are elected by the student body include the President and Senate Chair as well as the Commuter, International, REAP, Resident and Student Parent Senators as well as the Class Representatives. After the election of the President and Senate Chair, they review together the applications for Executive positions and appoint the Administrative, Academic, External, Financial, Organizational and Public Relations Chairs as well as the SKAT Liaison. All members of The Senate are required to attend all meetings in order to represent their respective constituencies. In addition, each member is required to spend two hours in the office each week as well as serve on committees supporting the detailed work that the Board does. Members are also responsible for submitting monthly reports or articles for publication in The Senate newsletter. In addition, each of the positions has a specialized role. The Senate office is located on the second floor of the Coeur de Catherine in the Student Organization Center. For more information, The Senate may be reached by phone or email at 651.690.6536 or

Current students: Visit the Senate website inside KateWay for upcoming events and activities.

Theology Club

The Theology Club promotes education and dialogue among women of all faiths and backgrounds and promotes discussion of relevant questions and issues of faith, spirituality, and religion in our world today

Thespians Unite: Theater Club

Thespians Unite fosters community among students interested in theater, exposes students to theatrical culture beyond the collegiate level, and furthers the theater skills of its members.

The Wheel

The St. Catherine Wheel is the student newspaper of St. Catherine University. It is a biweekly newspaper and is distributed to various parts of campus every other Friday. The Wheel represents students and the voice of the students on campus. The Wheel covers events that happen on campus and those that happen outside of campus that directly affects St. Kate's students. You can contact The Wheel at or 651.690.6535.

UNICEF at St. Kate's

The goal of this organization is to provide St. Kate's students the opprotunity to raise issues concerning the troubles children in underdeveloped and developing countries face. To provide members the opporutnity to promote the well-being and survival of children across the globe through events and to offer students a wide array of leadership opportunities.

Volunteers in Action (VIA)

VIA is a group of students constituted to volunteer their time and energy to assist social service agencies throughout the Twin Cities in various volunteer opportunities (i.e. People Serving People, Hope Community, tutoring, and other opportunities through Catholic Charities).

Weekend/ Evening/ Online Student Advisory Board

This Board is a team of undergraduate students that act as a liaison between Weekend/ Evening/ Online undergraduate students and the University’s administration. Any student enrolled in the Weekend/ Evening/ Online program is welcomed and encouraged to join the board. The first and most important concern of the Board is to address students’ needs. The Board sponsors a picnic at the beginning and end of each academic year and offers treats, surprises, and speakers for WEC students. For more information contact

Women Having Interest in Physics Shenanigans (WHIPS)

WHIPS educates students in the physics of everyday life and provides fun, hands on exposure to Physics

Women of Color

Women of Color celebrates and fosters an appreciation of diversity through the creation of a safe and supportive environment. The group strives to educate themselves, the community, and sisters of all ages. In addition, Women of Color extend support and assist other groups as well as serve as positive role models to St. Kate's and the surrounding community. Women of Color have held a clothing drive for Juvenile Horizon, hosted a spoken word event, and held potlucks.