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Governing Boards/Leadership Organizations


The LEAD Team is a collaborative team of students who work together to create leadership awareness and provide leadership training for other students on campus. There is no hierarchy and each member has equal power and responsibility. The LEAD Team provides leadership training through various on-campus projects and funshops. Any organization or entity on campus can contact the LEAD Team to have a workshop done for that group. All workshops are free and anyone on campus is welcome to use our services. The LEAD Team recognizes a student each month as an everyday leader, provides activities to de-stress during finals week, and contributes to new student orientation. For more information on how to get involved in the LEAD Team contact them at

Re-Entry Adult Program (REAP)

REAP offers support, advocacy, and fellowship to St. Kate’s REAP population. A REAP student is a woman who has postponed entering college or is returning to college in the day program. She may be seeking a first or subsequent degree, or attending college for the purpose of self-enrichment. A REAP student is approximately (but not exclusively) 23 years of age or older. REAP serves as a gateway for students to campus services, activities, organizations, and opportunities. Getting involved in REAP gives you a chance to connect with others who can identify with your past and present lives. REAP students get together for monthly lunches, off-campus outings, and sponsor on-campus events such as massage therapists, a white elephant sale, and REAP donut mornings. If you are interested in having a leadership position in REAP or would like more information about REAP and its activities, contact or call 651.690.8605.

St. Kate’s Activities Team (SKAT)

SKAT exists to encourage leadership by creating a vibrant community that embraces our uniqueness. SKAT is committed to supporting the holistic development of each person by working collaboratively with others and encouraging meaningful involvement in our St. Kate's community. SKAT sponsors novelty events such as wax hands and make your own stickers. Each month, SKAT hosts a free movie for students on campus and during the fall semester SKAT sponsors an outdoor movie on the quad. In addition, SKAT also sponsors musical events and speakers. At the end of each year, SKAT hosts the Dew Drop Bop. This showcase of musical acts, fun novelty events, and food celebrates the end of the academic year. Not only does SKAT provide on-campus opportunities, but they also sponsor Twin Cities events such as the Mall of America scavenger hunt and tickets to events such as the Tunnel of Terror in October. Leadership positions within SKAT include an Administrative Chairperson, Public Relations Chairperson, Films Coordinator, Twin Cities Connections Coordinator, Daytime Events Coordinator, Publicity Coordinator, Nightlife Coordinator, and Weekend Events Coordinator. For more information about SKAT or learn how to get involved, email or call 651.690.6041

The Senate

The Senate is the student governing body at St. Kate’s. The main goal of The Senate is to provide a voice for all students. Students are welcome to attend Senate meetings to listen and find out what is going on in the student government. The Senate is divided into roughly two parts, a Legislative and an Executive Board. Those members of the Board who are elected by the student body include the President and Senate Chair as well as the Commuter, International, REAP, Resident and Student Parent Senators as well as the Class Representatives. After the election of the President and Senate Chair, they review together the applications for Executive positions and appoint the Administrative, Academic, External, Financial, Organizational and Public Relations Chairs as well as the SKAT Liaison. All members of The Senate are required to attend all meetings in order to represent their respective constituencies. In addition, each member is required to spend two hours in the office each week as well as serve on committees supporting the detailed work that the Board does. Members are also responsible for submitting monthly reports or articles for publication in The Senate newsletter. In addition, each of the positions has a specialized role. The Senate office is located on the second floor of the Coeur de Catherine in the Student Organization Center. For more information, The Senate may be reached by phone or email at 651.690.6536 or

Weekend College Student Advisory Board (WEC Board)

The WEC Board is a team of undergraduate students that act as a liaison between Weekend College Undergraduate students and the University’s administration. Any student enrolled in the Weekend College Undergraduate program is welcomed and encouraged to join the board. The first and most important concern of the WEC Board is to address students’ needs. The WEC Board sponsors a picnic at the beginning and end of each academic year and offers treats, surprises, and speakers for WEC students. For more information contact