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The Pulse

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Welcome to The Pulse!

The Pulse is the day and night club at St. Catherine University and is located on the first floor of the Coeur de Catherine inside the Dining Room. Besides sponsoring concerts and movies, The Pulse serves as a venue for programs and offers a great space to get together with friends, work on class projects using the data ports in the booths, watch TV, and just have fun! Dining Services also offers a selection of food during the day and throughout the evening.

All clubs, organizations, and departments are encouraged to use The Pulse for their programming efforts. If you’re interested in having a band or singer perform on campus, sponsor a speaker or artist, show a movie, or use the space in some other way, The Pulse staff is happy to help!

Contact The Pulse

Saturday Cinema and Pulse Unplugged programming:
The Pulse hosts two monthly programs. The schedule for these programs can be found here!

Pulse Reservation Form:
Complete this form to reserve the space!

Once submitted, you will receive an email from a Pulse Student Coordinator to review event details and set-up.

The Pulse Mission
The Pulse exists primarily to provide a space for social programming on campus. It offers an environment where various members of the St. Catherine community can come together to enjoy food and friends, where the focus is on fun. Sponsored by the Student Center and Activities Office, the Pulse works in collaboration with clubs and organizations to sponsor diverse activities and experiences for all students. In creating a relaxed, yet vibrant atmosphere, the Pulse brings life to campus.