University E-mail

University-assigned e-mail as the Official University Communication

St. Catherine University has designated University-assigned e-mail accounts as the primary communication medium.

St. Catherine University is committed to facilitating communication between and among students, staff, faculty and the administration. The University is also committed to creating an open and collaborative working and learning environment and teaching students the value of communicating effectively.

University-sponsored publications such as Colleagues, The Wheel and Daily Update are designed to communicate general information to the entire University community. To communicate information to specific constituent groups, the University (not computing services, but the University as a whole) has designated University-assigned e-mail accounts as the primary communication medium.

Students, faculty, staff and administrators are expected to read their St. Kate's e-mail at least twice a week and will be held accountable for the information distributed in this manner.

Examples of information disseminated via e-mail include changes to financial aid awards, notices pertaining to registration, grade due date reminders and notices to prospective graduates. Correspondence from advisors and instructors is often done via e-mail as well. Students: don’t get caught unaware by neglecting to read important information sent to you by your instructors!

Students will also use their University computer account to conduct other campus business; such as, completing online forms to request transcripts, pre-approvals for transfer courses, S/U grading requests and to file their intent to graduate form. Faculty use their University computer account to request schedule changes, submit grade changes, provide thesis/paper titles for commencement and authorize degree postings.

E-mail will not replace other means of communication. Members of the University community are still expected to check their campus mailbox, voicemail and the U.S. mail for University communications.

University-assigned e-mail accounts will not be forwarded to other e-mail accounts, as vital information can be lost in transmission or blocked entirely (e.g., many employers block e-mail traffic from unknown sources).

If you need assistance with your University e-mail account, please contact the McGlynn Computer and Technology Center Helpdesk at x6402 or send an e-mail to


Q: What if I forget my username and password?
A: Contact the Help Desk at (651) 690-6402.

Q: Can I access my St. Kate's e-mail account from any location?
A: You may access your St. Kate's email account from any location you have access to a Web browser, whether on or off campus. Go to the St. Kate's Web site (, click on "Resources for Students" and select "Web Email Access."

Q: Why should I use my St. Kate's email account as my primary account?
A: University-assigned e-mail accounts are St. Kate’s official means of communication. You will receive notices pertaining to course work, registration, graduation, changes in your financial aid, and a heads-up when important deadlines are looming. Many of your instructors will communicate with you via e-mail. You are responsible for all information sent to you, including attachments.