Betty BiernatHello, I would like to introduce myself to you.  

My  credentials: I have a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in  Counseling and Personnel Psychology.  I am a licensed psychologist in  Minnesota.   I have taught at the Minneapolis Campus for many years.    Prior to that, I taught at several  other colleges, worked in private  practice as a psychologist, and worked as a school psychologist doing  diagnosis and planning treatment in several schools.  I have taught a  wide variety of courses in psychology and core curricula and a few  sociology courses.

My activities and interests: I have participated in many  academic and scholarly activities including coauthoring a book chapter  on counseling women, being involved or chairing many University  committees  and advisory groups,  leading a number of campus and  University initiatives or programs,  developing and presenting a number  of programs both at and outside the University, and briefly working as  an administrator.   I have received recognition from the University for  my contributions which I have much appreciated.  My academic interests  include the psychology of women, the psychology of death and dying,  career/life balance, educational psychology, and clinical/counseling  practice.

My personal statement about my career: I love the field of psychology  and I very much enjoy teaching.   My goal is to help students  understand course material and to help them connect it to their own  lives including their personal life and their work life.  I hope to  encourage students and to provide realistic feedback to them while  supporting their personal growth.  I try to see a student from a  holistic viewpoint and to respond in a fair and helpful manner as much  as possible.  I wish to always assist students in finding hope for their  future.

The personal:  I am a Twin Cities native who has lived here for most  of my life.   I have traveled a fair amount and love to garden, golf,  write, volunteer, and spend time with my husband and family.  I love to  laugh and I definitely love to teach.

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