Dorthea B. Hansmeyer BSN, MAhansmeyer_photo

I earned my Masters in Nursing Leadership at St. Catherine University. This pilot program was a collaborative venture between the Masters of Organizational Leadership (MAOL) and the Nurse Educator departments.  I was interested in learning from both of these educational departments in order to challenge myself as a leader and educator.  I strive to align my professional beliefs with my personal MAOL Leadership Credo. These are based on my five core beliefs.

  1.  Listen with your mouth closed
  2. Question things
  3. Speak from your own voice
  4. Be patient with your journey
  5. Breathe

I strive to treat people with dignity and respect; develop cooperative relationships; follow through on promises and commitments; praise people for a job well done and actively listen to diverse points of view.  I believe if I follow these ideals, my students will be heard, supported and assisted through the many challenges of nursing education.

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