My passion for language began as a child when I would wake early in the morning to the sound of my father typing at his typewriter or simply  staring out the window waiting for the next sentence to come.  Growing  up around a writer and a house full of books, it felt natural at a young  age to try to write poems and short stories.  Throughout my schooling, I was drawn to courses where I had to show what I know through my  writing.  Going to the University of Minnesota, I fell easily into the  English department and focused my coursework on American literature,  women's literature, and literacy.  During my undergraduate years I was fortunate to have teachers who encouraged service learning on literacy,  language acquisition, and access to resources through language and  empowerment;  I was able to work at the Brian Coyle Center in  Minneapolis, Jane Addams School for Democracy in St. Paul, and Stree  Adhar Kendra in Maharashtra, India.   After receiving my BA in English, I  went on to the University of Northern Iowa, where I graduated with  honors with an MA in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language).   During my time in Iowa, I worked with recent immigrant populations on  developing their English skills.  I also taught general composition and  ESL classes for international students at the University of Northern  Iowa.   Returning to the Twin Cities, I had the opportunity to work with  recent immigrants and refugees and mentor ESL teachers in the public  schools while taking further graduate credits in Curriculum and  Instruction.

As an Assistant Professor at St. Catherine University, I have been teaching composition, creative writing, short story, developmental  writing, critical literacy for multilingual learners, and cross-cultural  communication classes on the Minneapolis Campus in the Liberal Arts and  Sciences Department since 2001.  Being able to work with the students on the Minneapolis Campus , teach a variety of course work, and work  with a forward thinking faculty has been a true joy.   I have been able  to utilize the language, teaching skills, and cross-cultural  communication skills that my experiences have built.  At work, I try to  devote most of my time to understanding how to best reach and teach my  students the English language, writing and reading skills they will need  to pursue their goals-whether that be a two-year degree in the health  care professions or a four-year degree in a liberal arts major.   I also  have kept up my own practice of creative writing, challenging myself in  the same ways I try to challenge my students.

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