Elena KallevigWelcome to St. Catherine University. I am a Faculty  Assistant for the Departments of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Associate  of Arts, and my job is to help both faculty and students. If you have  any questions or concerns, please e-mail or call me at 651-690-7768. If I cannot help you outright, I will find  somebody who can.

I also currently teach The Reflective Woman course. I have a MA in  English and American Literature and English Language from the Leningrad  State University in St. Petersburg, Russia, and a second Master's degree in Holistic Studies from the SCU. Holistic approach to  healing and education is my main academic interest and I try to  apply its principles of assessing any problem or task as a part of a  system to my teaching and learning.

I come from the most beautiful  city in the world - St. Petersburg, Russia and for 9 years I lived in New York . Our family  moved to Minneapolis in 1998 and we simply love it here. I do remember  my Russian roots and to honor my heritage I founded the Russian Cultural  Center "Russian Soul" and the Russian folk ensemble "Belozer'e." You  can learn more about our center and its work at www.rusculturemn.com

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