Indrani I am a Professor in LAS. Many years ago I was hired as a Microbiology instructor. From then on I evolved into teaching any Biology course. Now I teach Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Human Disease. Before joining St. Catherine University, I was a Post Doctoral fellow. I worked at University of California, Berkeley, and University of Minnesota Medical School at various time full time and also as an affiliate when I started working here. I love research.  I do it whenever I get a chance, in summer, during my sabbatical etc.  I have worked in the field of Free radicals, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

I came from India and now I live here near Mississippi.  I love the view but not the cold. I have one daughter (and a son in law), both teach at Rutgers University in New Jersey. My husband was a professor at School of Statistics, University of Minnesota.  I have a beau-ti-ful granddaughter now.

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