Service to the OSOT Department

2008-present               Curriculum Committee

2007- present              Fieldwork Committee

2007- present              Admissions Committee

Service to the University

2010                     Interdisciplinary Case Development Summer Work Group

2007-present       Interdisciplinary Internship Group

2008                     Internationonalization Task Force

2009-present       AEHR Technology Core Committee


Service to the Profession

2008-10           Editor, MOTA Newsletter

2008-10           Program collaboration to host Physical Agents and Modalities  

                        for Occupational Therapists

2007                MOTA library educational material review

2008                Book review:  Scheirton, L, Mu, K., Cochran, T., Lohman, H.  

                       (2008). Patient safety and the moral management of errors in

                       occupational and physical therapy practice. (Version 1.0).  Creighton




Service to the Community

2006-7        Neighborhood House, St. Paul, MN

2001           St. Paul Area Council of Churches

1988-2005  PLAC/La Semana

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