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Colleen Mary Carpenter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Theology

Area of Specialization:  Systematic Theology


Courses (Winter 2010):

Theology 2120, Faith.  TTh 1:30-3:10  WH 219B

Theology 2120, Faith.  Winter WEC, Saturdays 8:30-noon, WH 219B

Honors Seminar 4990, "The Quality of Mercy:  Theological Disruption in the Novels of Toni Morrison," co-taught with Dr. Patricia Montalbano, TTh 9:55-11:35, WH 4


Courses I Teach:

Theological Questions (THEO 1000, day and WEC)

Faith (THEO 2120, day and WEC)

Jesus the Christ (THEO 2400, day)

Exploring the Catholic Faith (THEO 2700, day and WEC)

Christian Sacramentality (THEO 2800, WEC)

The Mystery of the Human Person (THEO 299, day)

The Quest for God (THEO 3670, day)

The Quality of Mercy: Theological Disruption in the Novels of Toni Morrison (HNRS 4990), with Dr. Patricia Montalbano

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