Invited Lecture

The 2010 Catherine of Siena Lecture.  "Okapis by Moonlight: Sacramental Witness in Women's Writing."  April 2010, Dominican University, Chicago.


Recent Conference Presentations

"Rushing Winds and Rising Waters: The Presence of God in a World Whose Climate is Changing."  Invited panelist.  Sustainability and the Catholic University conference, Notre Dame.  October 2009.

"Beyond the Devastation:  Beauty, Ecology, and Emily Carr's Clearcut Forests," Catholic Theological Society of America meeting, June 2009.

“Humility, Harmony, Home: The Agrarian Spirituality of Wendell Berry,” College Theology Society meeting, May 2009.

“Reconsidering Eve’s Punishment: The Theological Challenge of Obstetric Fistula,” American Theological Society meeting, November 2008.

“Emily Carr: A Spirituality of Brokenness,” Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Study meeting at the American Academy of Religion, November 2008.

“Fiction as Dangerous Memory: Time, Suffering, and the Construction of Experience,” College Theology Society meeting, June 2006.

“Beauty, Terror, and Truth: Reading Other People’s Stories,”  Catholic Theological Society of America meeting, June 2006.

“In Pain and Sorrow: Childbirth, Incarnation, and the Suffering of Women,” Fifth International Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology conference; November 2005.

“Red is the Color of the Morning:  Resurrection in the Writings of Terry Tempest Williams,” Catholic Theological Society of America meeting,  June 2005.

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