Selected publications

I.  Book

Redeeming the Story:  Women, Suffering, and Christ.   New York: Continuum Press, 2004.


II.  Articles

“’Surely the Woods are God’s Tabernacle’: Considering Emily Carr’s Ecospirituality Today,” in Timothy Hessel-Robinson, ed., Spirit and Nature (Wipf and Stock, forthcoming).

"Red is the Color of the Morning: Resurrection in the Writings of Terry Tempest Williams,"  The Way 48:2 (April 2009), pp. 25-39.

“In Pain and Sorrow: Childbirth, Incarnation, and the Suffering of Women,” CrossCurrents 58:1 (spring 2008), pp. 95-107.

“Imagining Redemption: The Novel as a Source of Dangerous Memory,” in Terrence E. Dempsey and David C. Robinson, eds., God’s Grandeur: Art and Imagination in Theology (Orbis, 2007).

“ACHTUS,” “Maria Pilar Aquino,” “Lucy Burns,” “Dominican Sisters,” “Sarah Theresa Dunne,” “Anne-Therese Guerin,” “Monica Hellwig,” “Ada-Maria Isasi-Diaz,”  “Oblate Sisters of Providence,” “Jessica Powers,” “Mary Rhodes,” “Sisters of Mercy of the Americas,” “Georgia Lydia Stevens,” and “Julie Amanda Sargent Wood,” in the Dictionary of Women in American Religious History (Westminster John Knox, 2008).


  “These Strawberries are Divine: Catholic Sisters as Midwives of a Practical Spirituality of Living on Earth,” Review for Religious: A Journal of Catholic Spirituality , 65.3 (July 2006), 304-318.

“To Love with the Energy of the Stars: Living the Beatitudes Today,” EarthLight:  A Journal for Ecological and Spiritual Living 14:2 (fall 2004), 14-17.

“A Maternal Discourse of Redemption: Speech and Suffering in Morrison’s Beloved ,” Religion and Literature 34:2 (summer 2002), 77-104.

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