Books and Book Chapters

Grealy, D. S. & Hall-Ellis, S. D. (In progress). Measuring Success: Assessment of Teaching and Learning in LIS Education. Libraries Unlimited (Anticipated 2011-12).

Grealy, D. S. (2009). Tribes and Territories in LIS: Professional Education in Library and Information Studies. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Grealy, D. S. & Hall-Ellis, S (2009). From Research to Practice: the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in LIS Education. Libraries Unlimited.

Jobe, M. M., & Grealy, D. S. (2000). The Role of Libraries in Providing Curricular Support and Curricular Integration for Distance Education Courses. Advances in Librarianship. (23), 239-265. Series editor: Fred Lynden.

Grealy, D. S. (2000). "Technological Mediation: Reference and the Non-Traditional Student" In The Reference Librarian. In K. Sarkodie-Mensah (Ed.), Reference Services for the Adult Learner: Challenging Issues for the Traditional and Technological Era. Binghampton, NY: Haworth Press.

Grealy, D. S. (1997). Leveraging the Wave: The Role of Today's Academic Reference Librarian. In C. H. Mabry (Ed.), Philosophies of Reference Service. Binghampton, NY: The Haworth Press.

Journal Articles: Peer Reviewed

Grealy, D. S.; Guilinger, A., & Stowe, A. (Projected 2010). Tribes and Territories: Disciplinary and multidisciplinary patterns in faculty distribution among Library and Information Studies Programs. For submission to: Journal of Education for Library and Information Science (JELIS).

Grealy, D. S. (2000). Technological Mediation: Reference and the Non-Traditional Student.The Reference Librarian, 69/70, 63-68.

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Dunn, L., Grealy, D. S., & (1996). The Industry Information Center within an Academic Library: A Case Study of the Colorado School of Mines and the GRI Natural Gas Supply Information Center. Special Libraries, 87(3), 169-180.

Grealy, D. S., Jones, L., Messas, C., Catalucci, L., & Zipp, K. (1996). Staff Development and Training in College and University Libraries. Library Administration and Management, 10(4), 204-209.

Conference Proceedings Papers

Grealy, D. S. (2006, July 24-26). Tribes and Territories in Library and Information Studies Education: A Research Perspective. Paper presented at the International Research Conference: Higher Education Close-Up 3 (HECU3), Lancaster UK.

Grealy, D. S. (1998, August 5-7, 1998). Web-Based Learning: Electronic Library Resources and Instruction. Paper presented at the 14th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Madison, WI.

Grealy, D. S. & Evans, L. (1995, March 2-5). Teaching Information Self-Sufficiency in the Academic Disciplines: A Three-tiered Approach. Paper presented at the Tenth Technological Literacy Conference, Arlington, VA.

Invited Publications

Grealy, D. S., Hall-Ellis, S. D., Sitter, C. L., & Petrou, T. (Eds.). (2005).Library Students' Voices in Colorado: An Issue of Colorado Libraries (Vol. 31(1), Spring 2005): Colorado Libraries.

Grealy, D. S. (2003). Library Education at Denver: DU Redux. Colorado Libraries 29(2), 26-27.

Grealy, D. S. (2003). Library Education in the West: A Colorado Perspective. Colorado Libraries, 29(2), 15-17.

Grealy, D. S. (2001). Reference Theory and Practice: Teaching Coping Skills in a Changing Environment. Colorado Libraries, 27(2), 4-8.

Grealy, D. S. (2000). Lifelong Learning: A Strategic Competency for Whitewater Navigation. Colorado Libraries, 26(2), 6-7.

Other Publications and Reports

Grealy, D. S. (2008). Tribes and Territories in Library and Information Studies Education. University of Denver, Denver, CO. Dissertation

Grealy, D. S. (2007). Library & Information Science Program Self-Study Document, Parts I-IV. Submitted to the Morgridge College of Education, as part of MCE Self Study. Prepared for the University of Denver as part of the University�s Self Study for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement of Colleges and Schools.

  • Biennial Narrative Report, 2007-2008 (December)
  • Special Report to COA, May 2007
  • Response to COA, March 2007
  • Biennial Narrative Report, 2005-2006 (December)


Library & Information Science Program Self-Study Document for Initial Accreditation by the American Library Association. University of Denver, College of Education

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