Emily Blanchard West

I have been teaching at St. Catherine University since the Fall of 2005, but I got my Ph.D. in Greek and Sanskrit from the University of Minnesota, so I have lived in the Twin Cities since 1994. Teaching at St. Kate's was my dream job, and I have loved every minute I have spent here.

My research has mostly been concerned with the relationship between the Homeric epics and the Sanskrit Mahabharata epic, and this has to led to an ongoing interest in the way oral narratives evolve over time.  Outside of work, I love rock climbing, windsurfing, gardening, and taking students to Nepal for J-term classes.

I'm usually on campus every day from 8:15-3:00, and during that time I am usually in my office and available to talk if I am not teaching.  I can easily be available after 3:00 as well if you send me an email or schedule an appointment in advance.


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