Other Acheivements

1. Dissertation Research. "The Influence of Instructional Tactic Selection and Moderation Style on Participant Interaction and Exchange in Asynchronous Threaded Online Discussion."

2. Baccalaureate Degree in RC.
In conjunction with Paul LaMere -- proposed, managed and gained approval for baccalaureate major in RC at St.Kates (program was associate degree level) Baccalaureate implements 2004/05.

3. "Teaching Ethics" - Bush Collaboration Grant

Two grants(94/95,95/96) from the Bush Collaboration designed to gather Twin Cities college teachers with acute, long-term care and home care practitioners involved in health care ethics. Retreats and activities allowed us to discuss pedogological techniques and issues. I proposed and administered the grants. Retreats were held at Wilder Forest and involved 20 people.

4. Committee Work

A. Current Member St. Catherine University, Education Policy Committee, Chair Winter 2011, Graduate EPC (sub-committee) member.

B. St. Catherine University, Henrietta Schmoll School of Health – Chairs/Directors Committee, 1983 to present.

C. Other St. Catherine University Committees: Faculty Council, Ad.Hoc. Committee on Technology, Mission and Values Subcommittee, GE Website Working Group, Allocation and Compensation, Promotion and Tenure, Mediation, Constitution and Bylaws

D. American Association for Respiratory Care, Audit Committee, member 1997.

5. Program Accreditation

The Respiratory Care Program at St. Catherine University has received full re-accreditation three times during my directorship. During this time, I was active in the JRCRTE to CoARC transition. Also important, RC program accreditation essentials were dramatically changed to an "outcome orientation," requiring a complete revision of program goals, curriculum, and materials. Most recently the program was awarded full 10 CAAHEP re-accreditation. (June 2003)

6. Important Transitions

A. The Respiratory Care major has moved from StKate's Minneapolis campus (where it had been housed since its' inception in 1965) to a new facility on the St. Paul campus.

B. The Minneapolis Campus was acquired in 1987 by the St. Catherine University. I was Program Director/Chair throughout these transitions.

C. We have undergone two calendar transitions (quarters to semesters, integration of calendar to accommodate Campus Integrated Learning Modules) while I have been at the college.

D. As health care and private college enrollments have declined, I have led the RT program to adapt to the new financial realities, without sacrificing educational quality.

E. I was instrumental in the formulation of the new Respiratory Therapy accreditation system, while working as Minnesota Delegate to the American Association for Respiratory Care.

F. The Minnesota Center for Health Care Ethics, a center to study biomedical ethics combining philosophical, spiritual and cultural traditions, was created as result of my work on a grant. ("Inevitable Choices" conference, see above) The Center continues to be a collaborative effort of HealthEast, Fairview Foundation and Saint Catherine University as was the conference.

7. Other

A. Faculty technology consultant/expert. I have initiated and assisted numerous technology projects around the college.

B. Developed & launched several major web sites (RT, PHI200X, OTA, GE)

C. Experienced with many software systems including MSOffice, PowerPoint, Qualitrix survey system and BlackBoard.

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