Research Interests

The essence of my scholarship can be encapsulated as follows:

Humans have an innate desire to participate in meaningful occupations across their life span in a variety of contexts. These contexts, by enabling or challenging participation, significantly influence individuals’ identity, health, and well-being. My research studies have explored the impact of the social environment on participation of individuals who are homeless, living with a disability, living in poverty and in rural areas. Universal and context-specific themes have been identified in terms of prevailing social attitudes. My research makes a compelling argument for occupational therapy to embrace a biopsychosocial paradigm and a human rights perspective to health and well-being.

Current projects:

1. Critical Perspectives of Socialization into the Academy

2. Systematic Review of Psychosocial Interventions for Workplace Stress

3. Systematic Mapping Review of Health Promotion, Prevention and Well-being in   Physical Therapy Literature.

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