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Current Lab Team

Jill WelterJill R. Welter
Associate Professor
Department of Biology

Ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry.  

I am interested in the mechanistic linkages between environmental gradients, organism  physiologies, species interactions, and ecosystem function in river networks.         


Paula FureyPaula C. Furey  (see her website here)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Biology

Paula is a freshwater ecologist with expertise in phycology and algal and diatom taxonomy,  invertebrate biology, conservation, and restoration ecology.  She brings great algal insight to our research team, linking algal species traits to community dynamics and ecosystem function.  Paula received her Ph.D. in 2008 from Bowling Green State University.                                                                                                                                              

anika brattAnika R. Bratt (SCU Class of '10) (see her story here)
Ecology Ph.D. Student, University of Minnesota

Anika graduated in 2010 with a biology major and spanish minor.  Her project quantified nitrogen fixation rates and algal species composition over successional sequences in 2008 & 2009, and measured the response of developing assemblages to nutrient addition.  She presented her results at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Albuquerque, NM and the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference in Lincoln, NE in 2009. She is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota working with Dr. Jacques Finlay and is a key collaborator on our project.            

delor_sanderDelor R. Sander (SCU Class of '13) (project story)
Biology Major

Delor is interested in ecology and environmental science, with a focus on microbial ecology, cellular physiology, and molecular mechanisms.  She has traveled to Iceland with our team for the Summer 2012 field season to assess the effect of temperature on nitrogen fixation rates in river ecosystems using two distinct methods.  Delor's project will carefully evaluate these two methods and decipher what they tell us about nitrogen fixation rates, and how they will likely respond to climate change.

bayley_lawrence3Bayley D. Lawrence (SCU Class of '14) (project story)

Biology Major

Bayley is extending her interest and knowledge of human physiology to include algae and microbes, and the physiology of entire ecosystems.  She is part of the Iceland field team for Summer 2012, where she is studying how nitrogen-fixer species assemblages change with temperature, including changes in total abundance, nitrogen-fixing activity, and biomass, as well as species richness and biodiversity.  She has already identified several nitrogen-fixing species in our study streams.

angelo team 2010SCU Student Collaborators

Many additional SCU students have been part of the lab team since 2006. To learn about their projects and what they are doing now, click on this link for Lab Alumnae.

collaboratorsPrincipal Collaborators 

A number of faculty members, graduate students, and postdoctoral scientists at other academic institutions are involved in this research, including collaborators at St. Olaf College, University of California-Berkeley, University of Minnesota, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Click this link for more information about Project Collaborators.

We are also fortunate to have protected field study sites and a field station within the Heath and Marjorie Angelo Coast Range Reserve that houses our team during the summer season, providing lodging as well as lab facilities to support our research.  We thank Peter Steel (reserve manager) and his family for all of their hard work in maintaining this wonderful reserve for ecological studies.
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