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I received my BA in philosophy from St Thomas University in 1980. While pursuing  graduate studies in philosophy from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and the University of Notre Dame, I did volunteer work in a hospital where I discovered my calling to work in healthcare.

I went to St Catherine University (then College) to get my RN certification in 1986, and began my career at Hennepin County Medical Center, working on the Renal Transplant unit. In 1988 I began working in a float pool, first through an agency, and later at Regions hospital, where I developed skill in many areas of med-surg nursing including neurology, oncology, orthopedics, telemetry, and maternity. Patient and nursing education was always a highlight of my experience as a staff nurse, so in 1990, I took the opportunity to become a Clinical Skills Instructor in St Catherine University's Associate Degree Nursing Program, and returned there as a Nursing Instructor from 2001-2005.

In 1998, I began teaching in the Patient Education Center at UMMC, where I developed an interest in diabetes and transplant education. I have published 2 articles on diabetes education in The Diabetes Educator; C-O-U-N-T C-A-R-B-S: A 10-Step Guide to Teaching Carbohydrate Counting, and  Exploring the Connection Between Self-Efficacy and Effective Diabetes Self-Management. I received my Masters in Nursing Education in 2007 and rejoined the faculty at St Kate's this fall where I have been teaching Variations in Health I and II in the  Associate Degree Nursing Program. I have also recently become a member of the Associate Degree Nursing Program's Committee on Faculty.

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