Mary W. Lagaard, DNP, CNP, RNmwlagaard

Whitby Hall 435
Mail Stop #4250
2004 Randolph Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105


Office: 651.690.6126

I am a Doctorate of Nursing practice graduate (University of Minnesota, 2010). My diverse experience in neuroscience nursing, the continuum of geriatric care (nursing home, transitional care, community), and palliative care have led me to explore both practical and phenomenological aspects of care.

I am planning the implementation of a community palliative care model in a rural setting and have completed a study examining the role of arts activities (writing, painting, playing with clay, yoga, drumming) as a tool of healing in rural persons with cancer. I am looking forward to learning from students, collaborating in research,and growing within the faith community of St. Catherine University.

As the mother of adult children, I am stretched to adapt to innovations in technology and challenged to stay current with trends. Since my children have left home, I have become involved in tree farm work with my husband and gardening.I also love to cook.We both enjoy outdoor activities including biking, hiking, and kayaking and are hopeful that a West Nile vaccine will be developed.

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