Department of Sociology

SOCI 1000: Principles and Concepts of Sociology (Fall, Spring and Summer)

SOCI 2150: Challenging Oppressions ... *** (Fall)

SOCI 2500: Sociology of Deviance *** (Fall alternate years)

SOCI 2700:  Social Movements and Social Change*** (Spring)

SOCI 2990: Sociology of Popular Culture

SOCI 2990: Medical Sociology

SOCI 3210: Marriage and the Family

SOCI 3250: Cultural Anthropology

SOCI 3340: American Criminal Justice System * (Spring alternate years)

SOCI 3470: Sociology of Law * (Spring alternate years)

SOCI 3510: Sociology of Race/Ethnicity* (Fall alternate years)

SOCI 3700: Social Theory

SOCI 3860: Urban Social Problems *

*      Cross-listed as CRST

**    Cross-listed as WOST

***  Cross-listed as CRST and WOST

Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity

CRST 2050W: Foundations of Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity


Core Curriculum

CORE 1000W: The Reflective Woman (Fall)

CORE 3990W: Environmental Justice (Summer); Dismantling Racism (Spring); Dismantling Racism in New  Orleans (J-Term); Dismantling Racism in Northern California ( J-Term); Voices of Dissent; The Overground Railroad

Honors Courses

HNRS 4990: Literature and the Black Radical Left (with Professor Pamela Fletcher/ENGL) (Fall 2008)

HNRS 4990: Literature and Social Structure (with Professor Pamela Fletcher/ENGL) (Fall 2006)

HNRS 4990: From Dolly to Designer Eggs: The Impact of Genetic Technology on Minorities and Women

HNRS 4990: Constructing and Deconstructing Racial Stereotypes: African Americans in Popular Culture



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