Paul ButtenhoffMy name is Paul Buttenhoff and I teach Biology in the Liberal Arts and Sciences Department. 

I received my B.S. in Zoology from the University of Wyoming in  1992 (Go Pokes!) and my graduate degree from Auburn University in 1996.

My research background is in herpetology (the study of amphibians  and reptiles.

My work focused on the hormonal control of reproductive behavior in  pitvipers (rattlesnakes and their kin).  I've had opportunities to study  these snakes is 9 states and 4 countries.  Although my research is  temporarily on hold, I continue to be amazed by these creatures.  I am  intrigued by the "how" and "why" types of biological questions and enjoy  spending time with these creatures in their rainforest  and desert  habitats.

 I started at the University in 1998 as an adjunct instructor and  have held the rank of assistant professor since 1999.  My primary  teaching responsibilities include the anatomy and physiology courses  (BIOL2400 and BIOL2410).   I also teach anatomy and physiology for the  MAHS program (INDI2350).

I have served on several Ad Hoc and Elected committees during my  years at St. Kate's.  Most recently, I was Co-Chair of Faculty Council.

During my spare time, I enjoy almost any activity that gets me  outside.  I'm an avid runner and cyclist.  I enjoy raiding the local  farmers' markets and cooking meals using great local food.  Spending  time with family and friends is a top priority for me.

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