I have lived in the twin cities all my life and currently live in south Minneapolis with my husband Carl.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Theology from the College of St Catherine and a Doctor of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary. I am a licensed independent clinical social worker and have practiced in the areas of addictions and recovery.

My research focuses on spirituality and healing narratives. My book, Rising From the Dead: Stories of Women's Spiritual Journeys to Sobriety (Haworth Press), details the spiritual life stories of long-sober alcoholic women.

I have taught at St. Catherine University since 1985.

I have always been inspired by the writing of Abraham Heschel who wrote, "The beginning of awe is wonder, and the beginning of wisdom is awe. The awe that we sense or ought to sense when standing in the presence of a human being is a moment of intuition for the likeness of God which is concealed in his essence. Not only [humans]; even inanimate things stand in a relation to the Creator. The secret of every being is the divine care and concern that are invested in it. Something sacred is at stake in every event."

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