Embodied Words, Spoken Signs: Sacramentality and the Word in Rahner and Chauvet. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2014.

Illuminating Unity: Four Perspectives on Dei Verbum’s ‘One Table of the Word of God and the Body of Christ.’  Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2014.

Essays and Articles

“From Institution to Paschal Mystery:  Evolving Understandings of the Church as  Sacrament.” In Vatican II: Reforming Liturgy edited by David Orr, Paul Taylor, and Carmel Pilcher. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2013.

“Realizing Unity: The One Table of the Prophetic Word and Body of Christ.”  Worship 86:4 (2012) 323-338.

In Progress

"Let Us Sing As We Go:" Language Origins and the Sung Response of Faith"

“Mercy Revealed: Ade Bethune and Walter Kasper on the Dignity of the Marginalized"

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