Funded Grants

2009 BDP Program of Study Curriculum Grant, Summer Work Group Member
2001 Awarded Bush Minigrants fund for Project RN Nursing Retreat August 2002
2000-2002 Second year Co-Director with Kathleen Bell, Project RN: Opportunity and Success, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant program “Nursing Education Opportunities for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds”, Original Project Director Alice Swan, Project Coordinator Pamela Hamre. Funded 1999 for 3 years.
1996 Assessment Plan for Revised Pilot Grading System, (Bush grant supported through a Collaborative Learning Research Grant), 1996, Project Coordinator.
1996-97 Building a Productive Learning Community, (Bush Grant Supported FSG),1996-97, Faculty Study Group Member.
1996-97 Teacher in the Classroom, (Bush Grant Supported FSG), 1996-97, Faculty Study Group Member.
1995 Case Study Development: Citizen Leadership Project,(Bush Grant Funded, Mini-grant) 1995, Helper.
1995 Mentoring: A Method to Meet the Self-Directed Student's Clinical Learning Needs, (Bush Grant Supported CRG), 1995, Curriculum Research Group Project Coordinator.
1994 Helene Fuld Foundation Grant, $20,000, funded the "Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)" project for the Nursing Program.
1994-95         Teaching Values, (Bush Grant Supported FSG), 1994 & 1995, Faculty Study Group Member.



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