Sara E. Traylor, MA, RN, CNEsetraylor

659 Education Building
601 25th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55454


Office: 651.690.7721

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I started at St Catherine University in 2012. Previously, I taught in an associate degree nursing program in Wisconsin. I also served as co-chair of the International Education Committe and co-adviser of the campus chapter of the National Student Nurses Association. At St Kates, I am an active member of the Committee on Students for the AD program and a faculty representative for the student nurse association. My clinical experience includes long term care, transitional care, acute care, home infusion therapy, and adult oncology/chemotherapy. My academia passion is addressing and improving multiculturalism and diversity in nursing education curricula, teaching methods, and student learning experiences. I am currently working on my research and disseration for my PhD in nursing education. I love teaching nursing students at all levels, sharing their "ah-ha" moments, and guiding them to think and act like a nurse. 

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