Current Courses

LIS 7050: Researcg Methods (LIS 7960 until Winter 2011) 

LIS 7700: Management of Libraries and Information Centers 

LIS 7270: Information Literacy in the Digital Age 

LIS 7690: Information Technology, People and Society (LIS 8150 until Winter 2011) 

LIS 7620: Literacy and Community Engagement 

[Current course syllabi]

Past Courses

LIS 7010: Introduction to Library and Information Science

LIS 7040: Reference and Online Services

LIS 7510: Database Management

Students' Publications from Sook's Courses

Catherine Bloomquist

  • Bloomquist, C. (2014). Generation X Librarians: Mentoring for Retention, Public Libraries,  May/June, 53 (3).
  • This article grew from her exllent final paper for LIS 7700, Management of Libraries and Information Centers in Fall 2012.

Amy Mars

  • Mars, A. (2012). Library Service to Homeless Patrons. Public Libraries. 51(2).
  • Amy wrote this excellent article as her final paper for my management course,LIS7700 for Fall 2010.

Tanya Cothran

  • Cothran, T.(2011).Google Scholar Acceptance and Use among Graduate Students: A Quantitative Study, Library & Information Science Research. 33(4), 293-301.
  • This project grew from her final paper for LIS 7960, Fall 2008 and her independent study with me, Fall 2009.
  • Cothran, T.(2010).Google Scholar Use and Acceptance among Graduate Students, Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

David Payne

  • Payne, D. (2010). Harnessing Conflict, Library Administration and Management. 24 (1). 6-11.
  • This article was based on his final paper for LIS7700, Fall 2008.

Anne Mostad-Jensen and Elizabeth Nelson

  • Mostad-Jensen, A and Nelson,E.(2008). Sustainable Development, Design, and Practices in Libraries, Poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA.
  • Their project was based on their final paper for LIS 7700, Winter 2007.
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