Vicki Schug, Ph.D, RN, CNE

Whitby Hall, Room G8L
2004 Randolph Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

Phone: 651.690.6940

Email: vlschug@stkate.edu

Curriculum Vitae »

I have been a faculty member at St. Catherine University since 1991 and currently hold the rank of Professor. I have a combined teaching and administrative role in the baccalaureate nursing program.

As baccalaureate program director, I am accountable for student learning in the Department of Nursing by fulfilling responsibilities that are related to each of the Department of Nursing standards. These responsibilities are related to professional, academic, and accreditation standards in nursing, and are consistent with St. Catherine University and Department of Nursing standards for faculty assessment and evaluation.

I teach in the junior and senior level baccalaureate nursing courses, presenting concepts such as evidence-based practice, theoretical constructs, nursing ethics, and leadership/management concepts.

I have a strong interest in curriculum design as well as assessment and program evaluation, and have conducted several educational offerings for nursing faculty related to these topics. I am particularly interested in operationalizing the framework of utilization-focused evaluation: collecting useful information for faculty to improve effectiveness and make decisions within programs. 

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