Recent publications:

"Learning by Example: Exempla in Jerome's Translations and Revisions of Biblical Books" in Vigiliae Christianae 65 (2011) 257-284.

Review of Alain Gignac and Anne Fortin (eds.), "Christ est mort pour nous": Études sémiotiques, féministes et sotériologiques en l'honneur d'Olivette Genest (Sciences bibliques 14; Montreal/Paris: Mé diaspaul, 2005) in Catholic Biblical Quarterly .2010.

Jeremy Corley and Vincent Skemp, eds., Studies in the Greek Bible . Essays in Honor of Francis Gignac, S.J. (CBQMS 44; Washington, D.C., 2008). Article: "Participial Aspect and the Lamb's Paradigmatic Witness in Rev 13:8."

Introduction and Notes to the Book of Tobit in The Discipleship Study Bible. New Revised Standard Version including Apocrypha (Bruce Birch, Brian Blount, Gail R. O'Day et al., eds.; Westminster John Knox, 2008).

Jeremy Corley and Vincent Skemp, eds., Intertextual Studies in Ben Sira and Tobit (CBQMS 38; Washington D.C., 2005). Article: "Avenues of Intertextuality between Tobit and the New Testament."

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