Social Media Tool Kit

Tools to Participate

Social media is a powerful tool to share and communicate with friends old and new. We think it's a great way to show that you're proud of St. Kate's. So we've gathered just a few ideas about how you can do just that!

Attend St. Kate's Tweet Up at 4 p.m. on March 7, 2013, at the Mall of America. If you are on Twitter, feel free to join in remotely!

Show your Katie pride by replacing your Facebook profile picture, cover photo or Twitter avatar with one of our Shout Out St. Kate’s Day images below:


Ask Me About St. Kates Thumb I heart St. Kates thumb Katies make a difference thumb Proud to be a Katie thumb Whats a Katie thumb

You don't need social media for this one. Print one to make a sign to hang in your cubicle or window at work or hang one in a frame in your home to let your guests know how much you love St. Kate’s!

Click on the image of your choice above and download it from

Colorful Shout OutSocial Media Ideas

Here are just a few ideas about how you can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr and LinkedIn to Shout Out.


If you haven't already, like us on Facebook, then start sharing. 
  • Katie-fy your Facebook page.  Download one of the images above and then upload it to your Facebook page as your profile picture, just like you would upload any other image.
  • Set your status update to share your favorite part of attending St. Kate's. 
  • Honor one of your professors with a special tribute to their inspiring words or actions in your status. 
  • Customize your cover photo with a collage of memories from St. Kate's.


St. Kate's Twitter account is quite active, with a growing community. Follow us on Twitter »
  • Katie-fy your Twitter page. Download one of the images above and then upload it to your Twitter page as your profile picture, just like you would upload any other image.
  • Tweet on March 7 using #shoutoutstkates.
  • Reply to, retweet or favorite tweets from @StKate on Twitter with the hashtag.
  • Join the trend of #throwbackthursday or #tbt, and use one of these hashtags with #shoutoutstkates to share a photo from your college days or past years at St. Kate’s. (On Throw Back Thursday, Twitter comes alive with people tweeting old photos from fond memories using the #throwbackthursday hashtags.)
  • Snap a quick photo of yourself in your St. Kate's gear and tweet it.
  • Finish this sentence: "My favorite memory from St. Kate's is ..."
  • Finish this sentence: "I graduated from St. Kate's in XXXX. Today I'm still proud to be a Katie because ... " 

PinterestKeep Calm Katie On

Pinterest is a fantastic way to find and share fun images, craft projects or decorating ideas. Follow St. Kate's on Pinterest »

  • Katie-fy your Pinterest page. Download one of the images above and then upload it to your Pinterest page as your profile picture, just like you would upload any other image.
  • Like or repin an image from St. Kate’s on Pinterest.
  • Comment on the Proud to be a Katie Pin, on the Proud to be a Katie Board, telling us why you are proud to be a Katie. When you add your comment, we will repin your images!
  • Get creative, take a picture and pin it to your board. We can't wait to see what you come up with! Here are a few ideas to get you started:
    • Download and pin one of the Katie images above to your Pinterest account.
    • Make a broach, T-shirt or book covers using these images or your own. Blog the directions or take a photo and pin it.
    • Set up a retake of your favorite photo of you and your friends from your college days. Explain how you did it and pin it.


Instagram is a fun and easy way to share photos from your phone on social media. Though St. Kate's does not have an official Instagram, you can still share photos of your favorite Katie moments by using hashtags and  sharing the photos to Twitter.

  • Katie-fy your Instagram profile. Download one of the images above and then upload it to your Instagram as your profile picture, just like you would upload any other image.
  • Photograph an image of our students, alumnae, professors or staff for Instagram and share it on your Twitter account with the tag @StKate and/or the hashtag #shoutoutstkates


Share and collect photos on Flickr. The St. Kate's Flickr page is frequently updated with photos from events and day-to-day activity on campus. You can share photos with your friends and family, then share through Flickr or post a link on Facebook or Twitter. 

  • Visit the St. Kate's Flickr account and browse the varied images. Select your favorite and share a link to it on your Facebook page. (Find images here: Shout Out Logos, Shout Out 2012, St. Kate's Flickr page)
  • Document your Shout Out St. Kate's Day and post the images to an album on Flickr.
  • Download an image. Find an image you like from our collection, and download it to post elsewhere or print. Choose an image you like, then click on it. Then click on the word "Actions" above the image, which will give you a drop-down menu of options. Select view all sizes. It will open up to list all the different size options. Select the size you want, then click Download. 


Get Linked In by connecting to the professionals in your network through your alma mater's alumnae, faculty and community. Follow St. Kates on LinkedIn »

  • Join an existing St. Kate’s page or group
  • Like a post or comment on a post from St. Kate’s pages
  • Write a recommendation or request recommendations from your peers for one of St. Kate’s products or services
  • Endorse a professor, staff member, student or alumnae for skills listed on their LinkedIn profile
  • Connect with and write a message to one of your professors letting them know how much they inspired you.
  • Post articles to help other alumnae succeed in the professional world.
  • Make sure you've listed St. Kate's under your education. 
  • How do you use LinkedIn to stay connected?