Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I connect with other alumnae in my area or workplace?

Email or call Kelly Povo '09, the chapters manager for Alumnae Relations, at kapovo@stkate.edu or 651.690.6063.

I’d like to show you what I’m doing for Shout Out. How do I let you know?

We would love to hear from you! In fact, we’re counting on it! Get together with your Katie friends and take photos or video, wear stickers, wear apparel, write a letter to the editor. Then let us know about it, and send in your photos and videos to inspire others.

Email us at shoutout@stkate.edu or call us at 651.690.6831. 

Is it OK if my Katie apparel says College of St. Catherine?

Wear it! Share your experience at St. Kate's and tell others about how the institution has evolved into the comprehensive university it is today. Visit the bookstore online or in person if you'd like to add some University apparel to your wardrobe.

Shout Out 2012 group of Katies

How can I celebrate St. Kate’s in my workplace?

Wear stickers from the February 2013 issue of SCAN and St. Kate’s apparel, have lunch with Katie colleagues, take a colleague’s daughter to lunch, recommend Katies for internships or mentor a Katie.

What if I'm self-employed or am a stay-at-home parent? How can I spread the word from home?

Get online: email a friend, send a tweet (#shoutoutstkates), share your story on Facebook or dedicate a blog post to St. Kate's. Wear the stickers from the February 2013 issue of SCAN magazine. Take a walk in your St. Kate's apparel. Visit a coffee shop and tell the barista about how much you love St. Kate's. Get together with your Katie friends in a public place and wear your Katie stickers or T-shirts. Treat yourself to lunch out and chat with your server or the diners next to you. Be creative!

Have other questions?

Email us at shoutout@stkate.edu or call us at 651.690.6831.Shout Out table and participant