International Student Application for Admission

Personal Information
Please indicate former names, if any, under which
your educational documents will arrive:

Telephone Number (home)
Fax Number
Telephone Number (cell/mobile)
IM Address
(Please inform us if any contact information changes after you submit the application.)
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy) Country of Birth
Country of Citizenship
U.S. Permanent Resident


If you are already in the United States, please answer the following questions:
a. On what date did you enter the U.S.?
b. Social Security Number
c. Visa type:
d. If other type of Visa, please specify
e. If you hold a student visa, which institution issued the form I-20 on which you received your visa?
f. Name(s) of colleges/universities you have attended since entering the U.S.
g. Reason for transferring:
If you have traveled or lived in countries other than
your own, please indicate places, dates and purpose.

Enrollment Information
When do you plan to begin your studies?

of year (yyyy)
Level of study:

Do you intend to complete a degree at St. Catherine's?
If no, how long do you intend to study at St. Catherine's?
Intended area of study at St. Catherine's?
How did you first learn of St. Catherine University?
Do you wish to live at the University?
If no, indicate your off-campus address:
Other colleges/universities to
which you have applied or
intend to apply:

Bachelor's (4 year) degree applicants only:
Do you wish to be considered for a partial undergraduate scholarship from St. Catherine University?

If yes: Please complete the Certification of Finances and the Undergraduate International Student Financial Aid Application.
If no: Please complete the Certification of Finances form.
How much money, in US dollars, do you expect to have for each year of your studies at St. Catherine University?
(Do not include money you anticipate that you will receive in scholarships from the University.)
Family Information
Is your mother or grandmother a graduate of St. Catherine University/College of St. Catherine?
If yes, please indicate when she/they graduated,
former name(s), if changed, and degree(s):

(if applicable)
If you enroll at St. Catherine's, please list the name(s) and
relationship of family members who might accompany you:

Name(s) of friends & relatives who have attended St. Catherine University/College of St. Catherine (past or present):
Activities and Awards
Please list the extracurricular activities in which you have participated, the
length of your participation and your role (i.e. member, volunteer, president).
ActivityLength/frequency of participationRole
Please list any scholastic awards or honors you have received. If you are a member of Phi Beta Kappa, please send a copy of your membership card with your application.
Educational Information
List below the languages you know and rate your proficiency in each,
using the terms Native, Good, Fair, or Poor.
Language NameReadingWritingSpeaking
Native Language
Number of years you have studied the English language (please give specific dates):
In secondary school: At a university: Under a private tutor:
Applicants for whom English is not their native language must provide an assessment of their English language ability. Applicants are not required to take each of the exams listed, but must meet the minimum requirement in at least one. Refer to the application instruction sheet for minimum required scores. Indicate if you have taken any of the following exams and your results:
Date taken: Total score:
Date taken: Total score:
Date taken:
Reading: Math: Writing:
Multiple Choice: Essay:
Date taken:
English: Math: Reading:
Science: Composite:
The St. Catherine University TOEFL and SAT code is 6105; the code for the ACT is 2096.
Educational Background Summary
Instructions for the table below:
  • This chart is intended to show your entire educational history to the present. If necessary, please submit additional pages by mail.
  • Applicants must complete columns 1 through 9 - in full - to be considered for admission.
  • Include all university-level studies, if applicable.

Column 1
On each line write the appropriate years (for example, 2000-2001 or 2000) for every school year you attended.

Column 2
These are actual years you attended school. Your 10th year is number 10, your 11th year is number 11, etc.your second year is number 2, etc. Please combine your first six years of formal schooling on one line. After this line, please account for every year on a separate line. If you were out of school for a length of time, please also indicate this.

Column 3
Write your age. If you were 6 years old when you attended school for the first time write 6 on the first line. Continue by writing your correct age for each grade you attended school.

Column 4
Write the kind of school you attended. For example: kindergarten, elementary, grundschule, volkschule, mittelschule, gymnasium, lycee, colegio, ecolo superieur, secondary school, grammar school, teacher's college, university, etc.

Column 5
Enter the name of each school attended that year.

Column 6
Write the city, village or town where each school you have attended is located.

Column 7
Write the language used in class by your teachers.

Column 8
Write the name of any examination(s) you passed or certificate(s) you obtained at the end of that school year. If you did not take an exam or receive any type of certificate for every year, leave this column for those specific years blank. For example, if you completed secondary school at the end of your twelfth year, on that line write the name of the credential or examining board. Please use the actual name as it appears on the credential.
Year in School
Your Age
Kind of school (elementary, colegio, etc.)
Full name of school
School address (City and Country)
Language of instruction
Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Graduations
If you have been out of school for more than six months, please explain briefly what you
have been doing (for example, family obligations, travel, type of employment):
Employment History
If you have employment experience, please list it below, beginning with the most recent.
Personal Statement - Bachelor's Degree Applicants Only
Please write (or type) a 300-500 word statement on topic A or B.

A. Please write an essay in English addressing two of the following points:
  • Your study objectives.
  • Your reasons for wanting to study in the USA.
  • Why you have chosen to apply at St. Catherine University.
  • Describe how you will make use of what you have studied in the US in your future.

    B. Please write an essay in English in the form of any imaginary letter to your American roommate. Please address two of the following points:
  • Interests outside of the classroom. (hobbies, sports, music, community activitities, etc.)
  • Describe your best friend and why you like him/her (discuss his/her strengths, his/her weaknesses and his/her personal likes and dislikes.)
  • Discuss a favorite work of literature. What is it that you like about this work (novel, poem) and why?
  • Discuss one experience that changed your life. Why do you think this experience was significant for you?
    If there are additional factors that we should consider when evaluating your application, please attach an additional statement.
    Emergency Information
    Person to notify in case of emergency:
    In home country: In the United States:
    Name: Name :
    Telephone Number: Telephone Number:
    Address: Address:
    Relationship: Relationship:
    The following information is OPTIONAL and is requested for use on U.S. federal and state reports as well as institutional research. Supplying this information is not used in determination of one's eligibility for admission, nor will it be used in any type of discriminatory manner.

    Religious Preference:
    Marital Status:
    Please indicate if you will need special services for any of the following:

    If you selected any of the above, please specify: .
    Did either of your parents graduate from a university?
    I would like to return to complete my application:
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    To the best of my knowledge, the information in this application is true. I understand that misrepresentation of facts on this application or in supporting documents will be cause for refusal of admission, cancellation of admission or suspension from the university. I agree to abide by the policies and regulations of St. Catherine University. I understand I am responsible for the authenticity of all documents submitted by me or on my behalf.


    If you do not see a "Submit Application" button, please verify that you have checked the electronic signature certification checkbox above.
    This application must be completed in full. Refer to instructions to make sure all required documents are enclosed.

    For more information:
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