Applicant Instructions for Undergraduate Students

Application Deadlines
Including receipt of all documents

For students outside the USA/in the USA
Fall semester (September-December)June 30/July 30
Winter semester (February-May)November 15/December 15
Students applying for scholarships must apply by:
Fall semesterMarch 15
Winter semesterOctober 15
General Guidelines
  • All documents must be original or certified photocopies.
    Original documents may be returned upon request.
  • Any document in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official English translation. Applicants are not allowed to translate their own documents. A certified, professional translator must complete the translations.
  • The university will not review an application for admission until all of the required documents have been received.
Application Checklist
The St. Catherine University International Student Application for Admission, completed in full. Please complete all the questions, including the shaded questions.
One letter of recommendation
This letter should be from someone who has known you in an academic context. For scholarship consideration, we recommend that you submit at least two letters of recommendation. Please ask the person(s) writing your recommendation letter(s) to address your abilities as a student, your extracurricular activities and any academic accomplishments.
Personal Statement of 300-500 words
See international application form for topics.
Educational Documentation
Official records from secondary schools attended listing all subjects completed and the grade/mark received.
Proof of completion of secondary school (diploma or other certificate)
If your secondary education culminates in a maturity certificate or final secondary school examination, submit an official copy of the grades received on each subject of your examination.
Standardized tests
Assessment of English Language Ability
Applicants for whom English is not their native language must provide an assessment of their English language ability. Applicants are not required to take each of the exams listed, but must meet the minimum requirement in at least one. The following are the minimum required scores to establish sufficient English language ability for bachelor's level programs:
  1. TOEFL: 61 on the internet-based exam or 500 on the paper-based exam. The university TOEFL code is 6105
  2. IELTS: 6.0
  3. SAT: 450 in both writing and critical reading sections. The university SAT code is 6105
  4. ACT: 18 in both English and reading sections. The university ACT code is 2096
  5. St. Catherine English Placement Test. Contact your admission counselor to schedule a time to take this exam.
Financial Information
Certification of Finances form
Verification of finances available in the form of bank statements or other financial documentation (no older than 6 months). Please see the Certification of Finances form for specific information. The U.S. government requires all applicants to provide proof of ability to pay tuition and living expenses before the university can issue necessary forms to obtain a visa.
International Student Financial Aid Application is required of all students who would like to be considered for scholarships.
Transfer students and advanced standing
Students with coursework completed at the advanced level (e.g. STPM,WASC, IB Higher level exams, British Advanced Levels, etc.) or in other accredited institutions of higher education may be considered for advanced standing. Credit will be considered on a course-by-course basis. St. Catherine University reserves the right to make final decisions about credential evaluation and transfer credits.
Higher-level exam results (if applicable)
Official post-secondary/university transcripts
Credential evaluation. Students who have attended universities from outside of the U.S. must submit a course-by-course credential evaluation in order to receive transfer credits. This evaluation must be done by a credential evaluation agency approved by the college. Students must also submit course descriptions to the university in order to determine their equivalency in the St. Catherine’s curriculum.